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Learn Go Programming

Stemming from its early roots at Google, as a replacement for server-side Java and C++, the Go programming language, sometimes referred to as, GoLang, has become one of the highest-paying and fastest-growing coding languages. It’s also one of the most-loved languages in the developer community. That makes today the perfect time to learn Go!

So what makes Go different? A quick overview includes:

  • Quick compilation directly to machine code for nearly any modern platform (even Android!)
  • Flexible, performant, and expressive concurrency primitives (goroutines and channels)
  • Huge standard library with support for most common use cases (especially great for networking!)
  • Concise and intuitive syntax that makes it easy to learn, and fun to code with
  • Nil/null-handling is streamlined with common defaults (and frequently non-nullable) such as integers and strings
  • Automatic garbage collection allows us to abstract away the complexity of fully developer-managed garbage collection 
  • Easy-to-use pointers that make lower-level memory control possible
  • Large and passionate community of developers and library maintainers make being a Gopher (Go developer) enjoyable and productive

Because Go is so awesome, many open-source projects, such as Docker and Prometheus have been written almost entirely in Go. It’s also used in production codebases at Google and dozens of other large enterprises.

So looking to start learning Go today? Here are some of the highest-ranked free (and freemium) resources approved by the IT Enquirer team!

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